Ampoule Opener

Item No.: bvnvbkr
Product Model:
Ampoule Opener
Product specification: 1-2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20-25ml
Product Feature:
1. Using aviation magnesium aluminum alloy.
2. Provide safety guarantee for medical staff.
3. While improving safety issues, it can improve work efficiency.
4. Unique design, replaceable O-ring.
5. Apply the principle of lever to make it easier to open the ampoule.
6. Can be cleaned by water.
1. Align the marking points on the bottleneck with the marking points on the opener and insert it into the ampoule opener.
2. Insert the bottleneck part of the ampoule into the corresponding position of the opener. Take care to make the neck of the bottleneck parallel to the inlet end of the opener. At this time, the slide bar at the top of the opener will be pushed out by the bottleneck of the ampoule.
3. Apply an appropriate lateral breaking force to the ampoule to break the bottleneck of the ampoule.
4. Press the top of the bottle opener to eject the slide bar. Push out the broken bottleneck part of the ampoule and discard it into a suitable container.
Application: Any medical staffs that need to open the glass ampoule.