Circumcision Devices(Adult Type)

Product Model:Adult 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30
  • Product Model:Adult 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30
    Product Specification:inner ring、auxiliary ring、screws、elastic rope
    Product Features:
    1.The whole operation is simple,safe and painless. The operation only lasts 3-5minutes,with no surgery and suture free. The patients can recover rapidly,and does not affect the work and life after operation.
    2. The redundant prepuce and phimosis will easily fall off without scar and get reshaped and beautified.
    3. The "circumcision ring" promotes penis to erect frequently and constantly expand at night, in which the cell and tissue of penis is activated, resulting in secondary growth.
    4. After circumcision, epidermal keratinization of glans is caused, which helps desensitization, thus enhancing the sexual function.
    5. It can prevent male urethritis, inflammation of glans and canceration; and meanwhile avoid cross-infection and gynecological diseases.
    6. The circumcision ring can reduce more than 60% infection chance of HIV. The circumcision ring, with advanced technologies and outstanding advantages, can help males of all ages to "cut away" their secret sorrow.
    Application:Phimosis and redundant prepuce
    Acute urinary tract infection; Occult penis; Redundant patient with short tie; Patients with neurological or psychiatric diseases; Patients with leukemia and a history of bleeding diseases; Patients with hypertension and heart disease; STD patient; Patients with diabetes.