Disposable Circumcision Stapler

Product Name:Disposable Circumcision Stapler
Product Model:MDCS-A-12、MDCS-A-16、MDCS-A-22、MDCS-A-26、MDCS-A-30、MDCS-A-36

Disposable Circumcision Anastomat

Product Model: MDCS-A-12、MDCS-A-16、MDCS-A-22、MDCS-A-26、MDCS-A-30、MDCS-A-36

Medical Equipment registration number: Lu Machinery Registration Approval 20192020192

Product Description: This product is mainly used in urological surgery to cut and sew the penis foreskin as a surgical instrument, which is a major leap in urological surgery. It makes the complicated circumcision operation simple, convenient, fast and safe, and at the same time solves the two major problems of edema and pain caused by the compression of the prepuce during the traditional circumcision operation. Since the device is disposable, cross-infection during surgery is avoided. Therefore, the development of this product has good market prospects.

1. This product is suitable for clinical foreskin cutting and suture surgery.
2. Expected department: Urology operating room.
3. Applicable people: Adult or child whose foreskin is too long or phimosis, regardless of age.

Product Features:
1. Reduce pain, smooth incision edges and quick recovery
2. Cutting and suture integration, shortening the operation time
3. Due to the seamless thread ligation during operation, the foreign body discomfort caused by the residue of the thread after ligation and hemostasis is avoided

Structure and Composition:
1. Abutment base assembly 2. Push nail base assembly 3. Positioning spring 4. Insurance pin 5. Movable handle 6. Main body 7. Fixing pin 8. Movable connecting piece 9. Positioning adjustment nut 10. Nail silo protective cover 11 . Nail silo 12. Silicone roll 13. Ring knife anvil 14. Nail silo cover 15. Staples
Foreskin and glans deformities (including those with extensively connected glans); foreskin and glans infections. Edema; suspected penile cancer; patients with systemic diseases (such as bleeding tendency, hypoproteinemia, severe cardiovascular disease, etc.) contraindications to surgery.

The disposable circumcision stapler is a surgical device that cuts and sews the long penis foreskin into one body. The working principle is similar to the working principle of anorectal stapler hemorrhoidectomy. The suture nails placed in the nail cartridge are hit into the penis foreskin that has been aligned and needs to be sutured. The suture nails are blocked by the front against the nail seat after passing through the penis foreskin. After the staples are formed, the penis foreskin is sutured together. At the same time, the ring knife cuts off the extra foreskin.

Advantages compared to conventional circumcision surgery:
1. Inherited the characteristics that the wrap edge of the wrap ring is neat and symmetrical, and the appearance is more beautiful;
2. Overcoming the pain caused by the chronic ischemia principle of the previous ligation ring, the patient's postoperative comfort is significantly improved;
3. In the operation of conventional circumcision surgery, doctors are easily injured by scissors and stitches, causing infection. The circumcision stapler can prevent the above accidents to the greatest extent.