Negative Pressure Wound Drainage Machine Intelligence


Negative Pressure Wound Drainage Machine Intelligence
Product Model: MAX400-A1
Product Composition: Host, power cord, liquid collection bottle. The host is mainly composed of vacuum pump, control circuit, pressure sensor, CPU, control panel and display, chassis and built-in lithium battery.
Application: Suitable for acute wounds, chronic diabetic wounds and wounds drainage of more exudate after surgery.
Product Feature:
1. With ultra-low negative pressure design (-50mmHg to -450mmHg), which is continuously adjustable
2. With super-smart design and multiple operating mode which is more practical
3. With stable performance and long life which can operate more than 10,000 hours continuously.
4. The elaborate designed muffler system controls running noise of the device in a very low range (less than 45 dB), which does not affect the patients rest.
5. With microcomputer chip controlled, it has high accuracy and user-friendly operation interface.
6. Intelligent memory system can automatically record the parameters and modes in the last setup, free from repeatedly setting after each starting up.
7. LCD digital display makes it convenient for users to adjust and operate.
8. Multiple safe power supply solutions:  a. AC and DC power supply is adopted, and the host is a full DC power supply, no danger of electric shock; b. Its build-in spare battery may still endure for four hours after a power failure, while it can last 8 hours in intermittent mode; c. A 12V 5A vehicle DC power supply can also be used to ensure the continuous treatment of patients with  negative pressure drainage during transfer or going out.
9. Equipped with overflow alarm device, the unit will automatically stop in service and alarm when the dirty liquid reaches the warning line, to prevent the sewage from entering the host and to avoid secondary pollution and damage.
10. With the function of automatic gas-leak alarm, the unit will then spontaneously stop and alarm when the negative pressure value remains no change within 10 minutes after the operation.
11. Multiple safety protections: air-leak alarm, automatic overheat prevention, overflow prevention, etc.
Product Property:
Adjusting scope: 10mmHg; Negative pressure range: -50mmHg-450mmHg; Pressure display error: + 0.2%; Suction flow: 1.5L / min-8.0L / min; Noise: not more than 45Db; External power supply: 12V 5A DC switch power supply(medically certified), the host, DC powered, has no risk of electric shock; Operation status: continuous and intermittent
Contraindication: Debridement undone or wound with the necrotic eschar; Wound with tumor tissue; Sinus connected with the organs; Wound with great vessels or organs exposed.