Postoperative Protection Underwear


 Postoperative Protection Underwear 
Product Model:
For Adult, For Child
Product Specification:
1. For Child: Type S(aged 1-4), Type M(aged 4-7), Type L(aged 7-11), Type XL(aged 11-14)
2. For Adult: 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#
Product Features:
1. Wound protection after circumcision
2. Wound healing promotion
3. None stick to the fabric or tearing the wound
4. Pain relief, none influence of external
5. Reduction the risk of inflammation
6. Natural air circulation through the protective cover
Qualification certificate:
Patent number ZL 201420762826.7 ZL 201420762909.6
Open the package and take out the product. Like wearing ordinary underwear, making the protective hood cover the external genitalia.